7 Signs You’ve Already Become Your Own Boss

It’s something so many people aspire to become in their life: a boss, their own boss. To help you figure out if you’ve reached your elusive goal, we have seven signs that you are heading in the right direction. For some, these signs are an indication that you have already become your own boss. For others, this is just a push in the right direction.

You Take on the Projects You Desire

When someone else is in charge, you often have to take on the work that you’re assigned. Sometimes it’ll be work you love, but sometimes it will be work you can’t stand. One of the signs you’ve become you own boss is when you get to pick and choose the work you want to do. If you haven’t experienced it already, the feeling of not taking a job that sounds miserable feeling than , or cutting ties with a difficult client, is simply freeing.

You Worry About Money

Money woes are usually left to the person in charge. So if you’re wondering how you’ll make enough money to make rent next month, congrats! You’re your own boss. Being your own boss means rustling up new business and managing your business’s finances in order to keep moving forward.

You Define Your Brand

As the boss, you get to decide on your business name, the look of your website, your logo, and even your tagline. With this comes great responsibility…but you’re the boss now so of course you can handle it, right? Of course, and these can be the most exciting of times. However, even if you’re the boss, it never hurts to ask friends and family members for inspiring advice.

You Can Say No

Whether you’re turning down a project or just deciding to take the day off to visit friends one state over, being the boss means that you often have the luxury of saying no to certain things. After all, you’re the one who knows what is best for you.

You Can Say Yes

But you also have the chance to say yes. Do you want to take on a once-in-a-lifetime project that might scare someone else? Do it. Want to take a month off to travel Europe and recharge? Do it. Do you want to make a business move the feels right but might look crazy from the outside? Do it. You’re the boss!

You Have to Clean Up Your Own Messes

Being the boss means you get to reap the rewards of being in charge…but it also means you have to deal with cranky clients, dry spells, and potentially dissatisfied customers. If you ever find yourself realizing that there’s no one else who can help you out of a sticky situation, congratulations—you’re in charge!

You Set Your Own Goals

Bosses often help their employees define their goals. But as the boss, you get to decide that on your own. Being your own boss involves periodically taking time to think about where you now and where you want to go. Don’t forget to dream big! After all, isn’t that how you became your own boss in the first place?

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