Hazel – Truly Mac Files Cleaner

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a better manager? Then Hazel is the best application to install on your Mac. Today, we test Hazel app for Mac, which is a classic Mac automation program which helps in organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you assign for. In other words, Hazel application can be referred as your personal housekeeper. This application is mandated to watch whatever folders the user tells it to and automatically organize files according to your defined rule. More so, it can move files around based on date, type, name, the source, and much more. Hazel application also can keep your files off the desktop and rearrange the where they belong.

Automatic Take out the Trash in style

How it works

Hazel application basically monitors folders that you assign rules to. For instance, you can create a rule in which it automatically opens PDF documents or files once they are added to your download folder or downloaded from the internet. Once you set the rules and the application executes its role correctly, you do not have to do anything else to Hazel so that it can perform efficiently. Though mostly Hazel application is installed in the System Preferences, you can comfortably choose to interact with it from your menu bar. Consequently, the downloaded Hazel application comes with simple rules loaded in it but you should create your own rules first so as to better its performance.

Rules and conditions

The setting of rules is regarded as the heaviest amount of work done in Hazel application. The rules and conditions should be price and correct, and therefore, you are advised to test them out after creating them. When the application detects any change in the folder sit monitors, it automatically runs the rules you created for those folders. When setting the rules, it is important to determine whether you want the rules applied to any, all or none of a designated matching folders or types of files. Also, note that you can as well apply set rules to sub-folders and files
What can Hazel app do?

Hazel application is designed in a way that it can rename files, change tags, move files about, archive or unarchive. Consequently, it has the power to clear all the files on your desktop after a certain set period and move them into your DropBox account. Hazel can also change the size of a file automatically. In short, Hazel application is of great importance to any office person.

Pros of Hazel

  • It applies a basic rile-based engine to automate the workflow
  • It supports AppleScript, Automator, Shell script, and JavaScript when required
  • It monitors folders and files you specify
  • Rules that you set a similar to Apple’s Mail rules

Improvement we would like to see

  • We would love to see Hazel integrate more with Cloud system API
  • Support upload files to Google Drive, OneDrive and more..
  • Integrate more with system like note, calendar and reminder

Why should you install Hazel application on your desktop?

Hazel application is an easy-to-use automation tool that has the power to build very complex rules but helpful in management chores. For that reason, it an ideal tool for simple workflows since you can put together work load with just one or a few rules. Based on its importance and benefits, there is no sufficient reason why someone of your Caliber can miss to install this fantastic application. If you are same with us, having OCD for the files management. Download and install you Hazel application here at https://www.noodlesoft.com/

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