Do you know these 5 shopify tips & tricks to get more traffic?

Shopify is so popular all over the world. However, it is not easy for many shop owners to get better traffic. That is why we, ZAGO, want to introduce you top 5 shopify tips & tricks to control the traffic.

Here are 5 tips that we suggest before you start your business online.

1. Choose the keyword and do research.

Shopify is getting more and more popular to many people in the world, as both sellers and buyers can deal a lot of work and save time with their smartphones. However, it is not easy for many shop owners to get to know with this modern technology at first. That is why we, ZAGO, want to introduce you top 5 shopify tips & tricks to control the traffic. 

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Choosing best keywords can make you get more traffic


This is the number 1 in our 5 shopify tips & tricks. It is important for any companies to know what their customer wants before selling their products. For example, what they care about, or which keyword they concern. Of course, any companies will do this step to get the best results.

To answer to the question “which words a buyer search?”, Google Trend or Keyword should be a suitable tool to find the right answer. After that, you can choose either primary or secondary keyword for your content which are closest to your research.

2. Optimize On-page

shopify tip to get better trafic


This shopify tip is related to the content, videos and pictures that are used on your web. All must be effective to drive your rank on Google. This is also a tool to appeal more customers and buyers in the future, which will help your shop appeal on the first page of Google search with any related keyword.  


3. A user-friendly website

Although you have a good product, but it will not function well enough if you do not have a user-friendly website. This might be an important tip when running a website,  as a buyer prefers having the best experience when using your website and want to save time for purchasing process. A user-friendly website also requires a simply and easy-to-use design. Do not let the bounce rate so high, just ask for advice from a good company to deal with this. Any complicated design might confuse the customers and reduce their ability to purchase the products.


4. Good content can bring success

Apparently, a good, clean and clear content can bring any companies success! Having an effective, efficient and impressing content can help you approach more visitors and get more potential customers as well. Customers expect you to show them in the easiest way the value of a product, realistic pictures and nice infographic, too. A buyer wants things in detail and you need to grab their attention. Who can do this? A good content writer helps much!


5. Suitable design

web design

This requires people with a good skill and good taste. Suitable website is needed so your customers can approach you and your products in the easiest way without getting any confusion. Since not all people will visit your site, you will need to specify your target market and focus on how to get their attention. Your website need to have suitable design in appropriate order, so that your customers will feel comfortable and enjoyable while surfing your website, leading to an increase in your business sales. There are many different group of customers, and each group will expect different design and different way of approach, and your company need to sketch out different design for each one of them.


With 5 shopify tips & tricks ZAGO suggests, we believe that you can have best preparation to get more traffic when doing business. Good luck!


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