3 Highlighted Shopify Features To Rocket Your Sales

Shopify is a commerce platform that gradually becomes a favorite choice of customers whenever they have a tendency to start doing online business. However beneficial Shopify platform is, not many clients are able to make use of it to gain the highest result. That is the reason why whoever using Shopify must deeply understand or identify its features including those below. In this post, we aim at introducing you 5 outstanding characteristics of Shopify as well as its huge influences on boosting your sales, enticing more customers and improving the efficiency of your store. What are they and how can they affect to your store?  Let’s follow me and figure it out!

1. Build Up Customer Profiles To Identify Your Potential Ones

The foremost feature that Shopify platform provides is Customer Profiles Storage in which all necessary information of any buyers such as name, address, phone number or date of birth will be kept after purchasing. Moreover, asking your customers to create an account before buying from your store can also enable to track and monitor their private information along with purchase history. In reality, this feature can help you research or collect data on what have been bought and who have the most potential.

Thanks to these precious information, your team can send targeted sale emails to them and expect for the positive reaction or respond. What is more, by tracking purchase history through customer accounts, you must have known exactly who booked and bought the first product, then your email can be sent directly to the right person. To activate this function, head to Settings and click on “Checkout”. After that, set the customer accounts section to Optional or required. This will now ask customers to sign in or create an account in case of buying.

2. Abandoned Cart Recovery

According to a research, 7 out of 10 customers have tendency to abandon cart after choosing a list of products. This means even though customers have walked through your store and taken something into consideration, there are lots of situations in which clients forgot what they have selected and left without buying. In order to see this rate of your store, rush to Orders and choose Abandoned Checkouts on your Shopify dashboards.

What you can do next after identifying customers who abandon their products in baskets is kindly send them reminding emails. Particularly, on the base of Shopify plan, only one option you have is manually send emails to each customer one-by-one to remind them about their basket.

By upgrading the “advanced” plan or installing a cart-abandonment app, it is possible for you to set up a triggered email that automatically nudges every customer who abandons cart.

3. Auto-Calculate Shipping Prices For Customer

The third last but not least feature of Shopify platform is permit auto-calculate shipping prices for each transaction or purchase. It is of a great importance that you should have a suitable estimation on the shipping fee to avoid overestimation or underestimation. In order to guarantee this, “real time carrier shipping” must be the best tool that has ability to calculate exact cost of shipping for any customer with his/her location as well as type or quantity of the products.

Additionally, by applying that, customers are able to consider whether this price is reasonable or not before deciding to finish ordering. Then, there is no chance for complaination or dissatisfaction about the shipping prices. Therefore, activating “advanced shopify” plan and select a carrier to see the rates if you wish to do above work.

In a nutshell, this post has given out 3 highlighted features of Shopify platform that contribute to sale enhancement of your online stores. I strongly believe that if you take advantages of those feature effectively, your online stores can drive more clients and rocket sale results. If you have any comments or questions, we are here to welcome all of them.


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