Highlight 7 Benefits Of Text Expander Apps

In our daily basis, most of us spend a variety of time on typing on our computer with the same information repeatedly even someone learn how to type more fast, it is considered to be your time- consuming. For example, emails, documents, instant messages and online comments require you to type thousands of word every week. Therefore, you really want to find a solution to do this thing for you. With TextExpander apps, this work will no longer be a big problem, you save your precious time, your typing work is becoming easier  and even they help you do much more than that. In this post, we will help you understand understand how useful and beneficial TextExpander apps are.

Firstly, we need to take a look to get to know “ what is TextExpander?”

TextExpander is a flexible tool that can assist everyone work faster, type less, and communicate smarter. TextExpander is a tool which is abit like predictable typing or auto-completing tool on a cell phone. Thanks to TextExpander, you can type a long string of text by entering a shorter string. It is the same as a keyboard shortcut for a word, phrase, or sentence. When you’re using a TextExpander app, your typing will be monitored on the screen and whenever you type a specific sequence of letters, it will replace those letters with a predefined piece of text. It could include your name, your address, or a full paragraph that you’ve saved before.

Now, we will move to the main part of the post that highlight for you some specific benefits of TextExpander apps

1.Save much time

You might be surprised at how much time you can save when setting up a textexpander app properly. On a regular basis, you type many things that you probably don’t even think about it, especially in terms of common phrases. when you decide to choose TextExpander apps to use, it can take you a certain amount of time to get familiar with it. However, you are utterly dependent on it since you get used to it and there is no doubt, you can save a lot of time.

2. Write web pages automatically

If you write for the web or create web pages, you could use text expander to insert lines of HTML with fewer keystrokes. As a web writer, you need to write many codes of HTML or PHP repeatedly and now you can save numerous time thanks to TextExpander app through creating a phrase in Phrase Express. 

3. Correct spelling

When you write emails or reports, you often encounter spelling errors,  you can install your text expansion program to do some auto-correcting for you in case you usually spell the same words incorrectly.

4. Send message quickly

You would like to make acquaintance with someone by using instant messaging a lot, you can create a quick shortcut to say “Hey, how are you?”. Furthermore, if you’re a student, you can create entries for things that you type in your research papers. All things are likely to be implemented by using TextExpander apps

5. Avoid a repetitive-stress injury

Remember that it can bad for you to type too much, especially when your computer installation is actually great.  TextExpander can assist you to avoid a repetitive-stress injury, which is considered to reduce your working productivity.

6. Use many emails’ signs

When you want to send messages via your personal email or your company’s email, you need to have a private signature. With TextExpander, you can fill your signature automatically by creating different phrases

7. Insert items on clipboard

Thanks to TextExpander, you can insert the items on your clipboard in the middle of a phrase. Instead of typing “Check out the page at any webpage, you could just need to type “slink” and immediately you have the link on your clipboard filled in.

In conclusion, It is undoubted the positive impacts of TextExpander on our works and life. If you have not still download this apps, don’t hesitate to do this so as to take its full advantages. Hope that this post will provide you with helpful information about TextExpander. Have any questions, please give us and your support is our pleasure.

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