How to Make the Most of Shopify’s New Price Rules API

It is evident that sales, discounts programs or special pricing can be a strong incentive for customers to shop and purchase more. Our common feelings are to prefer buying something that have a special offer and promotion discounts. Therefore, it is very necessary for app developers to create marketing, sales and loyalty program apps, Price Rules API is officially launched to help your business to increasingly develop and encourage your customers to shop and purchase your products more.

In the previous time, a Discounts API is only offered to Shopify Plus merchant with app integrations. However, with the appearance of the new Price Rules API,it is available to all Shopify app developers. By taking the most prominent features of the old Discounts API and supplementing new and flexible pricing rules, it becomes better with aims of meeting different business types and app objectives.

In this article, we will show you new types of pricing rules you can carry out as well as indicate how the Price Rules API can be used in an app.

1.New types of pricing rules can be carried out

On the contrary to the old API, you’re now no longer limited to simple percentage based (e.g. 15 percent off your order) or fixed amount discounts (e.g. $10 off a purchase of $50 or more). Besides, you are also flexible to install rules around purchase criteria for free shipping.

The beginning features of the Discounts API have now been transferred over :

  • Fixed percentage discount
  • Fixed dollar amount discount
  • Free shipping
  • Discount code creation

Nowadays, there are some updated features for you to create new and more sophisticated discounts. Through the Price Rules API, you can utilize some of the great new ways including:

  • Developing apps enable merchants to apply specific discounts to selected groupings (multiple products, multiple collections, and customer groups).
  • Associating these conditions to create certain discounts such as free shipping and a minimum order amount, or a certain percentage off for new customers only).
  • Offering one free shipping code which can be internationally used instead of individual code for each country.

In order to help provide further flexibility in creating discounting apps, this API also allows you to play in :

  • Percentages
  • Dollar amounts
  • Conditions for free shipping
  • Discounts associated with a minimum set of cart items

Thanks to this flexibility in creation, you can find the optimal discount model which is suitable for any business type.Moreover, when distributing discount codes across a variety channels like emails and social media, reports, it can be generated and served to merchants directly within the Shopify Admin. This feature will assist on demonstrating the value that your discount app offers and also delivering a seamless experience within Shopify.

2. Some ways the Price Rules API can be used in an app

In order to build an outstanding discount app or to integrate discounts as part of a function in a new app that helps boost your sales or keep customers back again to purchase, the Price Rules API is a great choice for you. Here are some instances about how our launch partners have utilized the API as well as some suggested types for application.

Use in a loyalty app

A loyal customer is a person who is recognized and rewarded and more willing to stick around. With this API, you can target specific purchase conditions to specific customer groups, for frequent shoppers and VIP buyers, you can give them the special treatment.

If you would like to create loyalty with new potential customers and priority groups, you can also generate specific new customer codes, student discounts codes, or any other group codes you want. For example, a new mom want to buy a onesie from a merchant and the thing they want is to provide discounts on both other infant essentials. Now, it is possible to do this.

Use in an email marketing app

Email marketing seems to be a true strategy for developing  your sales. According to this strategy, merchant emails will consist of both discounts and special offers. Especially, it’s important for merchants who use emails as their primary marketing strategy to switch-up the discounts provided and so customers don’t have error emails.

Use in a upsell app

Having loyal customers for purchase in many times is always better than those who only purchase for one time. In addition to the current strategies that merchants employ such as showcasing complementary items, announcing new stock, or including reminders to reorder, you can now further persuade a merchant’s customers to check-out by applying special discounts as a way of an upsell.

Use in an inventory management app

The reporting capabilities of this API can now allow you to see how discount codes are applied at an item level. As a result, when a discount code is provided, this feature can help you show which items are redeemed most frequently and help merchants understand what merchandise is priced too steeply and would drive your sales if the sticker price was reduced. Furthermore, if there is an item piling up in the stock room and merchants need to reduce the inventory level, a great way to increase sales and reduce stock now is quantity discounts.

In conclusion, this above article show you the new types of pricing rules you can carry out and indicate how the Price Rules API can be used in an app. Hope you enjoy your reading.

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