Inoreader – Best Google Reader Alternative Period

Are you tired of opening many websites anytime you need to access your favorite newspapers online? It is no longer an issue with Inoreader application installed on your computer or Smartphone.

Back in the day we used Google Reader. a mighty system that helps us to organize all of our feeds. Today we are testing Inoreader, which has been the go-to news reader I used for couple of years now. After the first Google Reader went down, (so sad) I was on the journey finding a new successor, first it was Feedly but i hate it that they delete my old feeds news after sometimes. Only Inoreader stands out to be a great option.

Inoreader is a content reader designed especially for power users who want to save the time of opening every site on its own. This magnificent content reader allows the user to access into all newspaper online in a few taps for free. Inoreader is regarded as the best free RSS feed reader app that makes your life simple since it offers a wide selection of news and articles from websites, newspapers, and magazines for free. Yes, Inoreader application can be downloaded and installed for free so, you can always access daily articles from various popular newspapers like the BBC News, New York Times and much more.

On top of that, with Inoreader installed on your devices, you can also monitor news related to specific keywords, subscribe to social feeds, or save pages from the web for reference. It also enables the user to review some past piece of content the user had liked or keep track of items previously read thus displaying only the unread items.

Benefits of Inoreader to user

  • Inoreader helps you to monitor news about specific keywords, subscribe to social feeds or save pages from the web for future reference. This means that you can retrieve some information stored in Inoreader application in future.
  • It helps the user to save time since you do need to open every site on its own rather you can access all content by just opening a single site. In fact, you can access any news within seconds.
  • It has a powerful tracking feature that keeps track of read items, so you can only see unread items when you log in

Why do you need to install Inoreader?

  • Inoreader is easy to use- It has an easy and friendly interface that gives the user full access to all topics, magazines, newspapers, and articles in a few taps. Indeed, this awesome application will simplify your life.
  • It works offline- Through its feature of an optional professional plan; Inoreader will give you a full offline mode. The application will automatically synchronize new articles thus enabling you to read them any moment, and anywhere even without internet connection.
  • It guarantees you a wide selection of topics- With this powerful RSS reader; you will be able to read numerous topics or articles from the internet. Some of the topics include; Business and Finance, Technology, News and Politics, Design and Inspiration and much more

Furthermore, you can upgrade to Inoreader Professional plan which gives you access to powerful features like Active Search, Offline Folders, and article translations. However, you will have to part with a few coins since Professional plan needs an annual subscription.

What are you waiting for? All the news you desire are right at your figure tips! All that you need to do is to download Inoreader application, install in your device and enjoy reading your favorite articles and news in one place!

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