MOKINI – our new partner in Shopify

We are happy to announce our new partner MOKINI for many months now !

What’s MOKINI ?

With MOKINI you have access to some template over all the best practice automatic campaign every ecommerce web site should have. You can create a marketing campaign and use it on different way : Facebook and Instagram for target adds, email to send information and on cell phone to send a personalize message. Really easy to use this app !

Shopify expert team



In a few minutes, you will be up with your first omnichannel marketing campaign. Once connected to the Mokini ‘s plateform, it’s automatically synchronize with your website’s informations and you have access to customer data when creating your targeted campaign.

Integration with Shopify : Mokini integrates fully with both Shopify and Shopify Plus eCommerce stores and it is automatically synchronize with Shopify. Indeed, MOKINI is sync all your shopify historical orders, customers and products when you will connect to your shopify store. And after a new order in your Shopify, you will have the informations in a few minute in MOKINI.

Email : With Mokini, your email campaigns are optimized for all screens that yours customers can use when they open your message. MOKINI can support every different computer, mobile phone and tablets.  They offer you also to predefine templates for your campaign to setup a new campaign for all different screen sizes, and pre-written template that you can create with a click of a button.

Furthermore, you can drag-n-drop email editor to structure you email content, add an image and other graphical elements to your containing emails, very easy to use. With the drag-n-drop editor, it’s also easy to customize these email series to fit your eCommerce store.

Once setup your campaign will run automatically and generate sales for you on autopilot. You can have more informations about Mokini.


You can try it Mokini apps 14 days free. On their website, it is possible to choose the number of contacts and the price automatically appear. If you want to know how much it cost, just use the widget.

Shopify Expert team

As conclusion, we can say that MOKINI is very easy to use for beginners and if you don’t have any experiences in IT or marketing. You can creat all marketing campaing as you want in a few minute. Everything is built for website ecommerce, and it’s simple to get started since MOKINI creat a direct integration for all platforms.

For more information about MOKINI, juste let us know and contact our Shopify expert team.