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Westcott Vine Yards

” I was in a typical predicament when I contacted Alex to build my client’s Shopify site. We had taken awhile to finally get to the point where we had approved creative and not a lot of time to actually create the site by the date we had slated for our launch. Alex and team took that in stride and worked tirelessly for a week to create our site according to the approved designs. We had someone internally go in to tweak a part of the site right before launch, which took down a whole section of the shop – which was absolutely heartbreaking but Alex appeared within minutes of learning what had happened to discuss solutions. Within half a day, his team had fixed the site and even completed some upgrades we had planned post-launch as well! We also required an age gate to be built and he had it coded and up for review within a few hours. We are absolutely thrilled with how the site turned out and we’re looking forward to working with Alex and team again on future maintenance projects. You’re in good hands when you choose ZAGO to help create, build or fix your Shopify site.”

Leah Salt
Executive Producer
Westcott Vineyards |

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