Monthly Growth Optimisation Package

kr4,500.00 / month



First month we will follow up with these tasks


First month of $450 we will follow up with these tasks and get it done

1. Remove all products on site
2. Import current products from old site to new site
3. Need a weekly advanced comic pre order list always on site (via diamond)
4. All products need release dates on listings
5. Help go live and transfer URL to Shopify, assist with shipping issues.

6. Pre order function


7. Tag all products in correct categories & characters

and then we will keep continue doing the


Monthly duties
1. Import diamond previews (only comics & TPBS)
2. Create the advanced pre order sheet for the following weeks
3. Tag all products into categories and characters.


Please note that the importing tasks we do it as standard below example

1: Vendor
2: Product Types following product info : example comics , toys , shirts , satutes etc…..
3: Tags is Previews for April 2020
4: Stock for each product 100
5: Create collection named Previews for April 2020 and put the products in
6) Weight : 0.10
7) Let all the product showing template product Pre-order
8) Hidden on the store using Hidden function in product page ( choose online store – > hidden )
9) backup files back to CSV Shopify fike