TropicalStoreCo Managed Service


kr2,500.00 / month



We will prepare 24 posts per month for 250 USD (6 posts per week / 24 posts per moth – only 250$  )

Then you will need to decide, The posts you want to run the ads for 1 week we have 6 post

How long you want to boost the Facebook post  For EX: 1 day, 2 days or 1 week

The budget to pay for facebook daily. You can decide the money you would like to run the ads for every single campaign so we can start with 5$ day for those post you selected to run an ads  campaign.Also, The 5$ payment here in pay for Facebook so it not include in our current offer

Please note that the time I spent to run the ad or the selected ads will cost an extra charge for an hour service. Every one ad set up will take me one hour -50 USD for that it will separate with the monthly charge for writing Facebook Post So just let me know every time you want to run the Facebook ads