3 Reasons for product badges in your Shopify store

Jan 12, 2022
3 Reasons for product badges in your Shopify store

Doesn’t it hurt when visitors drop off from your store without making a purchase? After all the time and money spent in carefully targeting them with the right communication, a set of confused browsing patterns with low sales is all you get!

But don’t we all behave the same way? Let’s draw out a parallel with the most popular form of entertainment – Netflix. Have you found yourself browsing aimlessly through different genres and titles, not knowing what to watch and eventually giving up and going off to sleep? Happens to the best of us.

Shoppers feel the same way when they visit an e-commerce store. Seeing so many products gets them confused. Not knowing which product is a best-seller or top-rated by other customers, shoppers drop off from the website within few seconds. This is where product badges come to the rescue!

Product badges act like salesmen of the online world that help customers navigate through your store and drive attention towards your product features or best offers. They nudge shoppers to add-to-cart and check-out faster! Just like site-wide banners, product labels have already proven their worth by bringing the shopper’s attention to a specific item.

If used correctly, here’s what they can do:

  • Increase your conversion rate by 13-15%
  • Boost your customer engagement by 148%


How do product badges boost your sales?

1. Helps capture short attention spans

A website user’s attention span lies somewhere around eight seconds. That’s not enough to make a purchasing decision, is it? But you can change that with product badges. They capture your shopper’s attention, instantly. With clear call-out texts on images, it breaks the usual monotony and engages the audience. More Engagement = More Sales!


2. Gives immediate context on what you’re promoting

Isn’t it amazing to get the context of something in just one attempt? Product labels give a clear context to your. offers. For example, “BOGO” badges for “Buy 1 Get 1” offers. That would give the shopper a clear idea about your deal on the products for more sales.


3. Highlights what products are on Sale

People love SALE! There’s no doubt about it and it’s proven that people buy more products on sale compared to other products. With ModeMagic, you can make your store sale-ready within minutes. All you need to do is add “On Sale”, “Clearance”, “On Discount” product label – and those products will instantly capture attention on any page of your online store.

What’s best is that with ModeMagic automation, all your sale badges are automatically updated and scheduled. That’s one big item checked off your sales to-do-list!


ModeMagic is the #1 Badges app on Shopify. Due to their seamless customer experience and expertise in conversions, Shopify has awarded ModeMagic as the Best User Experience App in 2020. To bring all these good things to you, ZAGO has partnered with ModeMagic. We believe that our collaboration will add a ton of value to your business. So if you’re looking for an intelligent yet simple solution to grow your sales, try ModeMagic.

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Power features to watch out for on installing ModeMagic

  • Make Your Own: Create your own stickers in the style, color & font of your choice. You can even request one for free!
  • Automated badges: Automatically update an out-of-stock, few-left, new arrival or sale badge with simple automation rules based on inventory levels.
  • Easy Editing: Choose from 2000+ badge designs. Place your badge just right with the help of 4 pre-set positions and pick a color that suits your theme.
  • Global Badges: Choose a label in the language of your choice. We have English, Spanish, French & German badges in-store.
  • Easy Compatibility: ModeMagic badges are compatible with all devices and themes.


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