PageFly – Shopify Page Builder App

Jan 12, 2022
PageFly – Shopify Page Builder App

Here’s a statistic you probably already know as a person who evidently appreciates web design: 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. Customers care about web design. It’s a hugely influential aspect of the decision of any visitor to your site, whether or not they will browse through your store. That’s why merchants, like yourself, come to services like ZAGO and PageFly. We, like you, understand the need for great design and we do everything we can to make it happen.


In this article, we want to tell you about PageFly, what it does and how it became Shopify’s #1 rated page builder app.

What is PageFly?


PageFly is the software that Zago often uses to help merchants create incredible-looking stores on Shopify. It’s a drag-and-drop page builder that lets anyone generate conversion-driving stores with ease.


You can find them in the Shopify app store with more than 6715 reviews and an overall rating of 4.9. PageFly customers have also reported a staggering 97% satisfaction rate.


Till date, PageFly has managed to establish a customer base of over 150,000 users. They do that by providing a huge library of elements and templates that help beginner stores find their feet and help more experienced stores get more sales.


Here are a few of the key features to know about PageFly:

  • Over 80 elements go far beyond heading, text, and image. Think countdown timers, embedded maps, beautiful star ratings, and so much more.

  • 100+ high converting templates that kick start sales in starter stores. Choose from anything in the library, to begin with, then set about changing and adding whatever elements you want. When it comes to online business, design is everything. These incredible templates have been created to impress and are curated by a team of experienced professionals. They cover different page types and niche categories. The templates load very quickly and are highly responsive.

  • Drag and drop system that lets users arrange elements into structured segments, then fine-tune them however they want through the ‘styling’ options (see the example above).

  • Full responsiveness on all devices, meaning that you don’t have to individually tweak your pages for each device. One size fits desktop, tablet, and mobile on PageFly!

The best part? PageFly has a free plan, meaning that no one is excluded! PageFly allows you to access all its app features as well as get 24/7 customer support under its free plan. The only thing you need to do is get started right now! Zago’s readers get a 20% OFF coupon for the paid PageFly plans that give you even further assistance to help up that conversion rate.


Who is PageFly for?

While PageFly works best for beginners in the world of eCommerce, we’re firm believers that you should never stop building your store. There’s always something that can be adjusted, no matter how minutely, to extract the full conversion potential of an online store.


Beginners – Shopify beginners love PageFly’s templates, which are optimized to drive conversions from the get-go. They also appreciate PageFly’s rapid and helpful responses when it comes to assisting merchants build a store.


Intermediates – Merchants with a bit of experience on Shopify can also make use of PageFly, specifically in its library of more advanced elements. PageFly integrates with several other Shopify apps, meaning that intermediate users can experiment with Mailchimp forms and social media integrations in order to expand their stores outward.


Advanced – Advanced users looking to open an expansion store will find it easy with PageFly’s export features, letting them copy the style and contents of their existing store to save hours setting up their new one. They also appreciate the advanced elements of PageFly, such as ones that allow for integrated feeds between their Shopify store, Facebook shop and Instagram shops.


PageFly Help


You’re never alone when you’re building with PageFly. They understand that designing an entire store can seem incredibly daunting to many merchants, so they provide free and expert help across a multitude of channels:

  • Online database – An entire website full of material to help you use PageFly, from basic help to conversion tips.

  • YouTube channel – A regularly updated library of videos where they walk users through the theory and practice of building the perfect store from the ground up.

  • Live chat – As part of all plans, including the free one, users can get instant responses to queries from our customer success team.

  • Email assistance – Always available and ready to solve any query that they receive.


They’re very proud of a fantastic track record in customer support, and they’re thrilled to say that their customers really appreciate it.


5 Examples of Shopify Stores Using PageFly

Need some concrete evidence of what PageFly can do? Check out the 5 stores below, all of which were built using PageFly.

1. Lyfe Fuel


LYFE Fuel is a health and wellbeing store selling nutritional products. They have a beautiful color scheme and an excellent layout on their homepage, but the true beauty lies in their product page. Here, customers get a bunch of easily navigable dropdown menus, some great features like scrolling banners, and an alluring review section featuring large, attractive imagery.


While looking to create a website, LYFE Fuel ended up spending quite a bit of money on procuring designers and web developers. Here’s what their experience was: the whole process was painstakingly slow and costly. And while the expenses remained high, there was little to no room for making changes and improvements.


This is what got them looking for other solutions until they came across PageFly. LYFE Fuel’s conversion rate has gone up by 400% percent since its launch. With over 270 pages created using PageFly, LYFE Fuel has a success story like no other. PageFly allows them to design customized elements for their web pages and have complete control over the look and feel of their online store. Since LYFE Fuel sells nutritional products, customer reviews play a crucial role in establishing validity. PageFly has enabled them to feature customer testimonials on almost every page of their website.


2. Rebelkin

Rebelkin sells stylish glasses on an equally stylish website. They’ve used texture to great effect in their backgrounds, with some great text and bold graphics layered on top. The home page is sectioned really well, with each part packed with useful information and images of their products.


3. A&A Jewels Co.

A&A Jewels Co. was created with the intention of having a more grounded and simple outlook on online jewelry shopping. What A&A values most is the sentiment, relationships, and emotion attached to a piece of jewelry. The company itself carries forward a legacy of 4-generations of expertise in goldsmithing and jewelry. What the company was looking for was a design solution that was easy to use and allowed for greater autonomy. PageFly allowed A&A to have a hands-on experience with creating their website.


While buying expensive jewelry online, customers usually like to have as much information about the product as possible. Sometimes, providing this information can at the cost of having a clean design for your page. However, A&A has managed to give its customers enough detail without creating making the pages look too cluttered. They have used the Product Details element very effectively to hide all the long descriptions under several tabs which can be opened with the click of a button. Today A&A has attained stunning customer engagement with an average session time of 3x and bounce rates dropping to 54% from a previous 73%.


3. Kitepride

KitePride has many great examples of how to embed video into your Shopify store. As a socially and economically responsible business upcycling old kites into new fashion, KitePride has a big story to tell and likes to do it through video. They use exquisite imagery and color throughout their store but never overcrowd the white space.


3. Grand Videoke North America

Grand Videoke is a brand devoted to building advanced karaoke sets. What inspires this company is a desire to foster feelings of community and celebration. It is one of the first companies to create a portable karaoke machine that has voice command features allowing you to select songs using your voice. In 2021, Grand Videoke decided to expand its horizons by launching its website.


Grand Videoke found PageFly to be one of the simplest page builders available with competitive prices. Its intuitive interface allowed the company to create a stunning website without spending exorbitant amounts on hiring developers. After launching their official website using PageFly, Grand Videoke has seen an increase of 1,300% in their total sales each year. Today, they have gone to create over 50 web pages with the PageFly builder.


PageFly Plans


PageFly offers its service in form of three broad plans. Each business can then decide which plan works best for its requirements. This ensures that no matter how big or small a company is, it can still utilize the most out of PageFly.

  • The first plan is 100% free. It gives you access to all templates and elements available on PageFly as well as you can use their 24/7 chat customer support service. Under this plan, users can create one slot or a published web page using PageFly.

  • The second plan called “Pay as you go” lets you have as many as 20 web pages for a monthly fee of $29. Most small to medium-sized businesses looking for some serious optimization for their store can really benefit from this plan. The pricing changes with the number of slots picked by a user. For 40 slots, the pricing changes to $44, 60 slots come at $59 and so on. Find full details about PageFly pricing.

  • The “Enterprise” plan of PageFly gives you unlimited access to its services and features. These include video call customer support, tracking sessions, speed optimization support etc. You can make an unlimited number of web pages using this plan. This package comes at a price of $199 per month.


All plans let you customize without limitations as they all provide full access to the element and template libraries. You can use the free plan for as long as you want, and when you’re ready to start scaling upwards, you can upgrade your plan with ease.


If you are thinking of opting for a paid plan, Zago’s readers get a special coupon offer of 20% OFF on using PageFly.


Why Choose PageFly to Create Your Shopify Store?


1.    Intuitive Interface

All you have to do in order to create your web pages is drag and drop different design features that you’d like to have. PageFly comes with 50+ dynamic templates across genres like fashion, food, lifestyle, while onboarding new templates with frequent updates. Moreover, these templates have special designs to celebrate occasions like Valentine’s Day, June Nineteenth, Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, and many more. The PageFly templates library is device-friendly and works across laptops, tabs, and mobiles to convert and impress visitors. Besides, users can save certain chunks of templates with ‘save section’ to create a design from scratch. PageFly nonetheless understands the concept of creativity on the go! The newly updated autosave feature also allows customers to save changes on the go without having to manually perform the operation. Until now users could not set the styling for third-party elements. But PageFly has now made it possible for customers to transform third-party elements to match the look of their page.


2.    Mobile Friendly View

You can use PageFly to create an experience that can be seamlessly had across different devices. The designs created expand in different ways across devices to maximum conversion. Users can change the look for devices through the ‘Styling’ icon.


3.    Great compatibility

PageFly connects and works well with various tools that can help you increase the rate of conversion and offer a premium quality experience to customers. Moreover, the Langify integration helps users in creating multilingual stores by breaking language barriers and offering automated translation services. Some of the most sought-after integrations are UpSell & Cross Sell, VS Ali Reviews Product Reviews, Instafeed and Appointment Booking App by SidePanda. The Loox and integrations helps renew previously published webpages and enhancing visual functioning.


4.    Swift Customer Support

PageFly vouches for a fast response to any customer queries. You can message at any time during the day and expect an answer within 6 minutes, irrespective of a customer’s location. PageFly’s customer success team spans across 20 agents and multiple time zones, so you get instant support even if you are miles away from the core team. The support offered isn’t limited to live chat or email channels, but extends across PageFly step-by-step guides, FAQs, and tutorials. To access help for the PageFly editor, the team asks users to browse through the ‘Quick help’ section to get a better gist.


The Best Tool For Self-Made Stores


It makes sense for professional designers like Zago to use professional design tools like PageFly. In our hearts, we understand the call for great eCommerce store layouts that not only look phenomenal but also attract and convert visitors in a super-efficient way.


Also, customers can now secure Bearie coins through PageFly’s Referral Program. Every time you invite a friend to join PageFly, you get a Bearie coin. One Bearie coin is considered equal to $1 of app credit. So you can use your collected Bearie coins to get a discount on your total billing.


PageFly is now offering a 20% discount coupon only for Zago’s readers. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to set up your online store!