Wavebox – Super Browser for Work

Jan 12, 2022
Wavebox – Super Browser for Work

After starting as Wmail, an email client software, Wavebox has been renewed and transformed into a super-browser for work. The most impressive thing is Wavebox can bring together most of the tools you’ll need on an everyday basis into a single location; hence, increase your productivity and optimize your workflow.

Workflow better in Wavebox

Wavebox proves itself as the ultimate tool for people working with multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. It is efficient to use as you just need to create a group for each login and then switch between accounts as easily as you would switch tabs in a browser. Not only limited to social media accounts, Wavebox makes it easy to connect to other apps as well such as Google, Microsoft, Trello, Slack, and Evernote. It is a central hub for all your productivity and communications needs.

To increase productivity, blocking out distractions is the key. A large number of notifications from multiple apps can really affect your concentration. Wavebox supports team members to stay up-to-date with notifications & unread messages. When you are on busy mode, you just need a one-click mute to turn off the notifications.

Enhance your teamwork

One of the advanced functions of Wavebox to strengthen your teamwork is Connect. When you use Connect, you can enjoy one-click connections with everyone on your team. You can quickly share your screen and work together across platforms or share a file of any size with people on your team.

Wavebox also integrates functions to support remote working. With Connect remote working tool function, you can chat or connect via audio & voice calls with your teammates. The most interesting aspect is that you can use picture-in-picture calling in Slack or any other app.

Smart design

Wavebox design is minimalist and uncluttered. The point of Wavebox is to enhance your efficiency. That’s why Wavebox offers a clearer view of the web page or service. You can hide the address bar and the icon bar for a better view or concentration. Due to the simple layout with a small bar at the top of the window, you can have more screen space for working.

By creating a faster and seamless workflow, Wavebox enables you to get more things done in less time, strengthen your team, and grow your business. With unique features that you won’t find in any other apps, Wavebox will be a perfect choice that you can’t miss.