Weglot: eCommerce multilingual

Jan 12, 2022
Weglot: eCommerce multilingual

Did you know that around half of people prefer to purchase in their own language? 60% of people rarely or never buy on English-only websites. The language of your website is a particularly important factor when it comes to conversion rates and overall customer experience.

But, making your Shopify store into a multilingual site can sound overwhelming and like a lot of work which probably will take time that you don’t have. You might also have thought about creating different websites for each new language, but this will ultimately bring you new issues in the future because you’ll need to continually update multiple sites. And most importantly, the right solution is actually much simpler than that.


O que é Weglot, unser neuer partner?

Weglot allows you to have a multilingual website in just a few minutes. Weglot adds a language selector to your website and allows the customer to easily translate the content without you having to add any code. 

 In other words, Weglot simplifies your translation process to make your website multilingual in minutes.

Easy to set up and easy to manage, Weglot allows you to define the type of translation you want by offering you more than 100 languages and 3 translation options: automated, manual, and professional for a quality translation, at scale and tailored. It automatically detects all the content of your website and translates it. This way, you focus on the quality of the content and not on the technical details.

How can Weglot help your business?

Ecommerce is becoming an increasingly important part of global commerce. With more than a quarter of the world’s population now shopping online, the global online ecommerce industry might be more relevant to your store than you might think.  For 2021, the international ecommerce industry is expected to make 17.5% of retail sales worldwide.

Shoppers are increasingly looking to purchase goods from outside their home country which makes this an exciting time for all ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to increase their share in international markets. Check how Weglot can help your business, whether you are interested in selling more or growing your brand:

  • Ecommerce: reach new customers and increase your conversion rate. Shoppers are twice as likely to buy in their own language. Don’t lose out on potential clients.
  • Marketing websites: grow your brand beyond borders. Potential clients and partners might be looking for your solutions in another language.
  • Agencies: stop postponing multilingual to phase 2. Weglot works with dozens of leading web agencies to help them develop premium multilingual websites.
  • Software solutions: provide premium services in any language. Speak to all your customers in their own language and grow your business.

Get found by your new customers with a translated website that’s also optimized for multilingual SEO. Your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google following multilingual SEO best practices. 

Improve your bounce rate with the redirection feature. It allows you to automatically serve your pages in your audience language, based on their browser settings.

How does it work?

Weglot is easy to install and compatible with all CMS and websites technologies. You can have your multilingual website up and running in less than 5 minutes. First, choose your destination language(s) from a list of 100+. Select your integration, based on your website CMS. In a couple of steps your website will be fully multilingual, using a first layer of automatic translation. Then, easily review and edit all your translated content through a simple interface.

Use Weglot’s in-context editor to translate your content directly inside your website design and structure. Easily see what your translated pages will look like.


How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on 2 variables: the number of words in your project and the number of translated languages you need. Additionally, get 15% discount for the first year and free support from ZAGO team creating your account HERE and using ZAGO15 discount code.

How to get started

Weglot and ZAGO share the same values and the same objectives, to provide the best solutions to their customers and to make their website easier to access, more visible and more productive. That’s why the ZAGO team recommends Weglot to merchants that are interested in expanding their business internationally. It is very easy to start:

  1. Register for a Weglot account HERE
  2. When you select a plan you can paste in a coupon code on the checkout process. Use ZAGO15 get 15% discount for the first year and free support from ZAGO team.
  3. Go to to https://apps.shopify.com/weglot to add the app to your Shopify store. Use the email you registered with at Weglot site before.

There are only a few basic settings required for the app to be ready to go on your website, such as translation language and origin language. You can also customize and manually edit all your Shopify automatically translated content through your Weglot dashboard and order professional translations, without leaving the interface. You also have the option to translate email notifications and the checkout process as well.

To find out more about how ZAGO and Gorgias can help with your store, please contact us HERE.