Shopify Basic Audit


Are you sure you’re getting it all from your Shopify / Woocommerce / Bigcommerce / Magento store? Want to find weak spots and improve your ecommerce business? Let our experts review your storefront and sales funnel!

What can be examined:

  • Performance. Make sure your pages load fast enough to keep your visitors clicking through the products non-stop until they find something they love.
  • Usability. Is everything in its right place? Let’s see if your visitors feel comfortable browsing your store, adding products to a cart and going through the checkout
  • Security. One mistake will cost your business its life. Customers provide you with their private information and expect you to act responsibly.
  • Let them down once and they will never come back again.
  • Design. Hope you like your Shopify theme! But do your customers share your preferences? Some color schemes can be deadly for your conversion